USS Theodore Roosevelt

Defense Secretary Mark Esper Reviewing Whether to Reinstate Captain Crozier

Defense Secretary Mark Esper is deciding whether to take the Navy’s recommendation to reinstate Navy Capt. Brett Crozier as the commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt — the aircraft carrier that was sidelined in Guam with a coronavirus outbreak — after the service concluded its investigation into his actions on Friday.

Capt. Brett Crozier addresses the crew for the first time as commanding officer of the air

Arab States Snub Obama’s D.C. Summit as Iran Mocks Obama

As the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt heads to Yemen to confront a convoy of Iranian ships, including destroyers, it is worth asking why President Barack Obama is still talking to the Iranian regime about its nuclear program. The Iranians, who used the Houthi militia to knock over the American-aligned Yemeni government, clearly has no fear that Obama will suspend negotiations. If anything, Iranian tactics are winning more concessions.

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