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women in combat

Israel Sees Its Highest Numbers of Female Combat Soldiers

Since the IDF opened up combat roles to women, the number of female combat soldiers has been steadily increasing. The number rose from 435 female combat soldiers in 2005 to 547 by 2012. The women were only in one battalion: Caracal.

Israeli female soldiers of the 33rd Caracal Battalion take part in a graduation march in the northern part of the southern Israeli Negev desert, on March 13 2013. The Caracal unit is an infantry combat battalion of the army, composed of both male and female soldiers mostly serving along the …

Marco Rubio Is Now For and Against Women in Combat

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA — Sen. Marco Rubio co-sponsored legislation this week that would move power to the Congress in determining whether women should be eligible for the military draft, in an apparent contrast of views he expressed just last week.

Associated Press