It’s the show you’ve been waiting for… all over again.

Breitbart Tech is relaunching RADIO NERO, a podcast on technology, video games, culture, politics, and anything else that takes my fancy. It will of course by hosted by me, Milo Yiannopoulos, the most fabulous supervillain on the internet.

For anywhere between 40 minutes and an hour every week, unless we run long (I do love the sound of my own voice), you’ll hear my elegant British accent guide you through the wacky world of tech, web culture, and social justice lunacy. Every week will feature a new guest, and I’ll also be joined regularly by Breitbart Tech co-editor Noah Dulis and star Breitbart contributors like Allum Bokhari, Richard Lewis and more.

The first episode of this season’s RADIO NERO will drop on Wednesday. It will feature hacker legends Eric S. Raymond and Meredith L. Patterson, who will discuss the social justice warriors of software development, recent extraordinary claims about the now-defunct Ada Initiative, and more. Along with Noah Dulis and Allum Bokhari, I’ll also be discussing campus crazies, comments sections, and the pressing issue of Zelda now being a girl.

If you want to be notified of coming episodes, subscribe to RADIO NERO on Soundcloud and iTunes, and follows us on Twitter.

For impatient souls who can’t wait for good things, here’s a teaser of the upcoming episode: