Pathetic, Spineless University of York Invokes ‘Special Event’ Criteria To Keep Me Off Campus


As part of the progressive Left’s ongoing campaign to make me the most delicious forbidden fruit on campus, I’ve been stopped from speaking at yet another university: York, in England.

The same university that cancelled its celebration of International Men’s Day less than 24 hours after a male student committed suicide on campus has plumbed new depths of spinelessness. Instead of banning me outright, they have invoked an absurd “special event” clause, obliging event organisers to meet costs and requirements that are beyond their capacity. Reluctantly, the students hosting the event have been forced to cancel.

This, it is claimed, is necessary because I’m a “controversial” speaker. Apparently a flagrantly homosexual columnist is a danger to student safety and needs trained guards like some third-world dictator or member of the National Front. Preposterous.

This is even slimier than the traditional means of banning politically incorrect (or as I like to call them, overly-truthful) speakers from campus, “no-platforming.” York doesn’t have the balls to ban me and face the consequences, so they opted for dirty tricks. As mainstream society grows ever-more hostile to the censoriousness and the viciousness of left-wing politics on campus, I predict their suppression tactics will get increasingly lily-livered as time goes on.

Another slimy tactic used by student censors is demanding speeches be turned into “debates” if they don’t like the speaker. This, again, is a climb-down from increasingly unpopular no-platforms, but it still reveals their petulance and insecurity. The “diversity of viewpoints” they demand are simply the same left-wing views they already hear all the time.

I’m not bothered by the censorship. As I recently explained in a column about why I’m so successful, attempts to ban me only make my following larger. Stronger. Harder. I’m like a gay Obi-Wan Kenobi: their attempts to strike me down have made me more fabulous than they can possibly imagine.

Even their short-term goal of keeping me off campuses is a failure. This Friday, despite a campaign to stop me speaking, I’ll be giving a talk at the University of Bristol, where an astonishing 1,200 have registered their interest.

At Manchester, where students did No Platform me, event organisers have simply moved my talk off-site. I’ll be speaking there on the 9th of December. You can register your interest here.

The same thing is going to happen at York. Undergraduate Matthew Edwards has taken charge of the event, and plans are currently underway to host me off-campus. Despite the best efforts of campus crazies, the 140 students who signed up to attend will not be separated from their senpai.

Meanwhile, York and its otiose student union, YUSU, have achieved nothing. Unless you count underscoring their own out-of-touch censoriousness and generating resentment from their own members, plenty of whom want to hear me speak about the gruesome, sociopathic feminism running rampant on our university campuses – and at YUSU itself.

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