Lifetime Access to Stolen Netflix Accounts Being Sold on the Deep Web

The Associated Press

Stolen Netflix accounts with guaranteed lifetime access are being sold for less than $1.00 by hackers on the deep web, according to a recent report by McAfee Labs.

Access to Spotify, HBO NOW, HBO GO, Marvel Unlimited, and a variety of premium pornography accounts are also being sold according to the report, which focuses an entire section on digital service accounts being stolen and sold on deep web marketplaces.

The deep web, a series of non-indexed websites that can only be accessed by using browsers such as the infamous Tor, is home to a selection of the internet’s most dodgy, illegal, and downright shady websites and services, but the deep web is also a valuable and necessary tool for government leakers, anonymous tippers, hacktivists, freedom-lovers in oppressive countries, and police sting operations.

According to Tech Insider, the account sellers are “highly competitive” and are always trying to outdo competition with perks including warranties that guarantee a replacement account should the original be shut down. Some marketplaces even have their own help desk for customer support, says Raj Samani, CTO of Intel Security.

“I don’t want to call it a risk-free transaction but they try to make it as risk-free as they possibly can,” continues Samani whilst speaking to Tech Insider.

The going price for a lifetime access Netflix account can be as little as $0.50. Spotify accounts are around $1.95, and HBO accounts will cost you just under $10.00.

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