Shaun King Fires Blanks on Gun Control

shaun king

Shaun King tweeted on Friday about guns with his trademark sophistication and accuracy. Alas, King couldn’t hit a target on Twitter if he was using a shotgun, let alone the handguns that were the topic of his asinine tweets, some of which have now been deleted.

I’ve always known there was something off about Shaun King; he’s the only black guy besides Obama I’ve never found attractive. Well, I say black guy. The truth is King has traded on his supposedly biracial identity his entire career while in fact having no idea who his dad is. Many people are now convinced he is white.

As the old joke goes, Shaun King’s so pale that if he went to the beach, he’d split light into the entire visible spectrum. Tourists would think it was gay day.


Since Shaun is no longer the great white hope of #BlackLivesMatter, and, as we’ve reported he is an utter failure in the world of charity as well. Having discovered that he can pull in a hefty $7,500 fee for speeches on topics outside of BLM, such as gender, it is no surprise to see him spread his wings and find new topics to fly over and shit on.

King’s tweets about pistols come across like an awkward white guy’s crip walk from his norm race hustling to appeal to a broader authoritarian progressive audience by attacking guns. He’s lost his black street cred, so he’s trying to reinvent himself as an all-purpose liberal blowhard.

But… hang on. Shaun is a gun owner, and has tweeted about carrying a gun at various points in his life both legally and illegally. Shaun no doubt considers carrying a firearm a critical part of his black male costume, along with his buzzed haircut and creepy faux-black facial fluff.

Sad to say, the hypocrisy of a white guy who owns and enjoys guns complaining about white men owning and enjoying guns is frankly par for the course when it comes to Shaun King.

Shaun started his discussion on race and weaponry by stating that psychologists have told him that shooting guns is the white man’s way to make up for having a small penis and low sex drive. This insight is perhaps the only thing more sophomoric than comparing penis size with automobile choice, and just as ironic considering the love rappers have for both Glocks and Cadillac Escalades.

I’d be curious to meet the psychologists who shared this information with Shaun. I imagine they are a group of homeless men in a vacant lot that he pays to listen to his problems, occasionally interjecting in Australian accents, mistaking Freud’s wind-blasted homeland for that antipodean paradise.

No matter who these “experts” are — and the smart money points to Shaun King’s own feverish imagination — their contributions are hilariously banal. If this is the best King can do, he might want to dip into his normal bag of tricks and start promoting an anti-gun charity that doesn’t exist, because frankly… cringe.

As Shaun warmed to his theme and picked up some steam (with rhymes like that, perhaps one day I can pretend to be black too) on Twitter, his customary bone-headed stupidity reared its ugly white head, like a newborn albatross bathed in foul-smelling amniotic sludge.

He called the pistol the “ultimate phallic symbol”, a thought the inimitable Cathy Young quickly dispatched with her trademark sass.

King went on to compare the terminology of guns and penises to show they are the same. He stretches some connections such as load, which are nouns for one and verbs for the other. He ignores gun terms that don’t fit: for example, the barrel, if anything, is quite vaginal.

In another case he is flat out wrong: pistols do not have a shaft, unless they are spear guns, which are not prevalent on the battlefields of Chiraq.

Shaun actually has a long history of inaccuracy in terminology (and a curiously dodgy memory, even about how many children he has), and we’re giving him too much credit even bothering to dissect his preposterous assertions. In a tweet about his weapons from 2009, Shaun calls magazines “clips,” a humiliating rookie mistake.

I live in a country where the police are expected to fight armed terrorists with stun guns instead of bullets, and even I know that calling magazines clips is a no-no for anyone with any familiarity with firearms. Shaun ought to have known that. Frankly it betrays his lack of attention to detail… details like where all that charity money went.

We’ve handily destroyed Shaun’s argument regarding white men and their guns, but let’s pretend for a second that it is accurate. What does it say about Shaun himself? Shaun has tweeted about trips to the gun range, and as we’ve previously seen has, tweeted about carrying a 9MM Ruger holding 17 shots. That is an awfully big black gun!

But the Ruger isn’t his only gun: he also owns a .380, a smaller pistol and the calibre favoured by James Bond in the classic 007 films. Is that what Shaun is making up for when he carries the big Ruger? His little .380? Only Shaun and his wife know for sure.

I don’t mean to cast aspersions, but when the size of his piece was pointed out on Twitter today by lawyer Mike Cernovich and others, King started furiously deleting the evidence.

Of course, by focusing on white men and their pistols, Shaun mirrors his #BlackLivesMatter compatriots by ignoring the real problem: the levels of black-on-black gun violence in America’s urban environments.

Maybe Shaun and BLM should pay more attention to the millions of white conservative gun owners who follow the adage that “real gun control is having a good aim.” It would certainly cut down on the number of innocent victims hit by poorly aimed gunfire in black America. Just a suggestion!

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