Hideo Kojima Teaming Up with Sony After Finally Officially Splitting from Konami


Hideo Kojima has joined forces with Sony in the wake of a messy break-up with his former publisher Konami.

On December 15th, Hideo Kojima’s battle with pachinko megalith Konami finally came to an end. After Konami tried to remove his name from the last Metal Gear Solid title he worked on, and blocking him from making appearances or accepting awards, the legendary creator is finally free. He confirmed the split publicly on Twitter.

His first independent act was the official reveal of Kojima Productions and that he’s having a conversation with Sony about developing new titles exclusively for the PlayStation console. Sony was unsurprisingly thrilled, as they make very clear in the video posted below.

As to what this new partnership will entail, both Sony and Kojima are keeping pretty mum for now. Without the rights to Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill, the chance of their creator being able to create new installments in those franchises is slim to none.

But perhaps that’s a good thing. Instead of the expectation that Kojima would just continue to pump out franchise sequels ad infinitum, this could be the perfect opportunity for one of gaming’s most respected minds to try something new.

According to Kojima himself, his next project is intended to be “a game that will become a compelling franchise.” But even without further details, fans will be relieved and excited to know that the future of Hideo Kojima’s creative endeavors is by no means in jeopardy. On the contrary, the future is looking brighter than ever.

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