Kotaku, Famous For Spoiling Games, Complains About Star Wars Spoilers

David Roark/Getty Images
David Roark/Getty Images

Kotaku, everyone’s favourite social justice-oriented video games blog, is upset about spoilers.

The outlet, part of the Gawker network, recently tweeted a angry, righteous condemnation of Star Wars spoilers from their official Facebook page.








The post was signed “Stephen,” suggesting it was written by Stephen Totilo, the editor-in-chief.

That’s the same editor-in-chief who approved Kotaku headlines like “The Joker Dies In The First Act Of Arkham City,” “Leaked Documents Reveal That Fallout 4 Is Real, Set In Boston” and (we’re not making this up) “Spoiler Alert, People Like Spoilers.”


Kotaku was even blacklisted by several games publishers over its compulsive spoiling of upcoming games. At the time, Kotaku defended their track record, arguing that leaking information was necessary to keep readers informed. Others disagreed. One GameZone bluntly told Kotaku “There’s nothing “journalistic” about leaking documents fed to you. It serves the public no purpose other than ruining the surprise of a yet-to-be-announced game.”

But there’s another, more mind-boggling aspect to this story.

What if I told you that Gawker Media, the people who pay Stephen Totilo, tried to buy a leaked copy of the script of the new Star Wars movie?

No doubt you’d shake your head in disbelief. Surely even Gawker wouldn’t engage in such blatant double standards?

Silly question.



The article doesn’t explicitly promise to leak the script once obtained, but this is Gawker we’re talking about. They out successful gay CFOs if they think it’ll get them clicks. What do you think they would do with a Star Wars script? If the Empire’s shopping around for space station parts, it’s safe to assume they’re building a Death Star. If Gawker’s shopping around for a leaked script, it’s safe to assume they’re building a Spoiler Superweapon.

Presumably, Stephen Totilo must now send a “very special fuck you” to his bosses at Gawker. Personally, I won’t be holding my breath.

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