Stump the Trump: Browser Extension Blocks All Mention of The Donald

Donald Trump so what? (John Locher / Associated Press)
John Locher / Associated Press

A newly released extension for Google Chrome purports to “remove Donald Trump from the internet.”

Unless you’ve been in a coma for the last several months, you have almost certainly been exposed to critical levels of Donald Trump. He’s a commercial and political tsunami of headlines, soundbites, and passionate conversation on both sides of the aisle. His take-no-prisoners approach to life has set him as much apart on the campaign trail as it has in the corporate world, and the evidence is everywhere.

The man, the myth, the meme, has reached such levels of market penetration as to cause many people to suffer from what I am dubbing Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Symptoms include involuntary contractions of the facial muscles when exposed to stories about the mogul turned presidential candidate, uncontrollable urges to rant about it on social media, and a distinct aversion to Making America Great Again.

For those suffering from the effects of TDS, “punk rock technologist” Rob Spectre has the answer. Google Chrome’s “Trump Filter” is “presented as part of the antidote for this toxic candidacy. This Chrome extension will identify parts of a web page likely to contain Donald Trump and erase them from the Internet.”

The extension can be set to mild, aggressive, or vindictive. It will seamlessly eliminate elements of the web that contain mentions of or subjects related to Trump, freeing TDS sufferers of the need to address his presence anywhere on their social or political spectrum. Soon they’ll be able to sink into an oblivious haze of ignorance, happily pretending that they’re (un)doing their part in the future of our democracy.

Because the best way to react to someone you don’t like is to quickly bury your head under a virtual blanket and just pretend he’s not there at all.

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