Connie St Louis Apologises to Milo Yiannopoulos After Claiming He Called for an Assassination on TV

Photo/Patrick Kane
Photo/Patrick Kane

Feminist writer Connie St Louis released an apology to Breitbart Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos on Sunday after falsely stating during BBC’s Big Questions that Yiannopoulos’ Twitter de-verification was enforced because he had called for an assassination on the social network.

The apology, which was uploaded on St Louis’ behalf by the official Big Questions Twitter account, attempts to reinforce St Louis’ allegations against Sir Tim Hunt:

The ‘apology’ came after calls from those across the political spectrum who witnessed St Louis’s accusations made during Big Questions and demanded that her statements be rectified, but St Louis has managed to warrant even more backlash on social media over her ‘apology.’

Popular Conservative feminist Louise Mensch was one of the more notable users to criticise St Louis’ apology with a variety of tweets.

Hundreds of Twitter users supported Mensch’s criticism of St Louis, and many others also joined in at pointing out flaws and untruthful statements made during the apology.

Some also criticised the BBC for publishing the poorly-written and one-sided apology instead of making St Louis publish it herself from her own account.

Mensch made an official complaint to the BBC, a tax-payer funded service that by law is not supposed to show any signs of bias.

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