Former Yahoo Employee Sues over Alleged Discrimination Against Men

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

A lawsuit has been filed against Yahoo after a former employee complained that the company was biased against men during a series of workforce layoffs between 2012 and 2015.

Former editorial director Gregory Anderson also claims that female workers were preferred by management and that after diversity reforms, management was around 80% female.

Anderson claims that shortly before he was let go from the company, Yahoo had said that they were “ready to invest” in him, and that when they dropped him shortly after refused to tell him why. He also claims that women in the company were often able to leave in their own time and find a replacement job before departing, unlike men who were just let go.

The claims come during Marissa Mayer’s reign as CEO, and the lawsuit isn’t Mayer’s first involvement in a controversy since becoming Yahoo’s CEO in 2012. After using the company to purchase Tumblr, investors and shareholders have been calling for her removal ever since. Mayer also recently joked to a concerned employee: “No layoff’s… This week!” after mass workforce layoffs shortly before.

Anderson seeks $5 million in damages, according to his lawyer Jon Parsons.

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