Three Things Mark Zuckerberg Won’t Be Telling Facebook Employees About Black Lives Matter

John Minchillo/AP Photo
John Minchillo/AP Photo

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is deeply, deeply troubled by the fact that people are writing “All Lives Matter” on Facebook’s headquarters wall.

Later his week, Zuckerberg will be hosting a re-education camp town hall meeting to patiently explain to Facebook employees how awesome Black Lives Matter is.

For the edification of those employees, we thought we would do a brief rundown on a few things that Zuck will not be mentioning to them.

1) Black Lives Matter Are Pathologically Dishonest

It’s been amply demonstrated that nearly every issue that Black Lives Matter protests about is based on lies.

Mike Brown never said “don’t shoot” with his hands up. Sandra Bland wasn’t killed by police, but killed herself after her family refused to bail her out. The recent case of a racist assault at the University of Albany promoted by Black Lives Matter turned out to be a hoax, and police are now prosecuting the “activists” behind it.

This isn’t a shock, because the entire premise of Black Lives Matter is a falsehood. Statistically, the biggest threat to black Americans isn’t white America, or the police – it’s black Americans.

Zuckerberg hires a lot of people who know math. He better hope they don’t actually look at the statistics.

2) Black Lives Matter Isn’t Even Original

Black Lives Matter is essentially the Black Panther party reimagined by lesbians with smart phones.

The three self-described queer women who started the Black Lives Matter movement ripped off the main messaging of the Black Panthers but got rid of the cool sunglasses, leather jackets, and berets and replaced them with whining on social media about transgender issues fighting for the rights of illegal aliens.

Black Lives Matter even stole their original list of demands almost verbatim from the Black Panthers 10 Point Program. They have since erased that page.

Of course, the lesbian leadership of Black Lives Matter doesn’t mention the fact that Black Panther party Minister of information Eldridge Cleaver compared homosexuality to “baby rape” in his book Soul on Ice… so we’ll just get past that part, too.

Just because Mark Zuckerberg wore a hoodie day in and day out for years doesn’t mean he’s anything more than an annoying honky as far as black power activists are concerned.

3) Black Lives Matter Hates Free Speech

Whatever color it may be, we know one thing for sure about the skin of Black Lives Matter advocates: it is extremely thin.

If you want to get blocked quickly on Twitter by a Black Lives Matter advocate, it’s usually as simple as disagreeing with them about anything. Many have learned that you don’t even actually need to tweet at a Black Lives Matter advocate to get blocked, because in some cases if you’re just tagged in a conversation they don’t like and are white, they will block you.

But it’s not just social media. Black Lives Matter advocates and allies have intimidated reporters in public spaces, trying to block people out of their “safe spaces” and recently acted like violent goons towards Breitbart News reporter Adelle Nazarian outside a speech by Ben Shapiro at Cal State Los Angeles.

Mark Zuckerberg should remember that since Facebook makes its living on the back of the First Amendment, he might not want to advocate for people who hate it so much.

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