Twitter Adds Like Animation Instead of Dealing with Existing Problems

Twitter said its growth stalled at the end of last year, holding at 320 million active monthly users, in a disappointing quarterly update for the struggling messaging platform

Twitter has finally responded to its users. After months of fighting against Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and his authoritarian droogs, we the people have received what we’ve been waiting for… confetti animations that pop up out of the heart-shaped button when you like a tweet!

It’s the social network’s second button change within the past few months, after Twitter replaced their previous “favourite” star buttons with the red heart-shaped “like” buttons we have today.

The feature was added during Twitter’s 10th Anniversary celebration on Monday, where the social network also launched the hashtag #LoveTwitter to encourage users to post about what they love about the site.

The social network’s celebration was not taken so well by some, however. In an age of social media censorship and a clampdown on free speech which has seen Twitter shadow ban conservatives and create a “Safety Council” to carefully monitor and police its users, some decided to use the celebration to fight back.

Users took the opportunity to list the problems that exist on the platform, including Dorsey’s reluctance to be straight with his userbase and tell the truth, highlighting Twitter’s lack of urgency to deal with these problems if confetti animations were at the top of the drawing board. A #HateTwitter hashtag was also formed, with people using it to display their dissatisfaction of the platform.

Last week, Twitter made their new Facebook-style algorithm default on every account, meaning that the “best tweets” were now displayed at the top of users’ feeds instead of the usual real-time list. This prompted further outrage from users, particularly after Dorsey had previously promised that no such move would take place.

It’s somewhat worrying that with Twitter’s stock price falling by the day, and account numbers declining, Twitter has decided to throw this smokescreen of a celebration instead of dealing with the problem’s that they face at hand. Their users are leaving, and they need to do something about it.

Charlie Nash is a frequent contributor to Breitbart Tech and former editor of the Squid Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter @MrNashington.