Why Is Milo Yiannopoulos Planning to Wear a Native American Costume to Yale?


From Emily Reinwald writing at The Tab:

You’ve had students protest at some other universities in America, what do you expect at Yale?

Well, if the video from last Halloween is anything to go by—that poor unsuspecting professor being marauded by morons in the quad—me showing up in full Native American costume will maybe cause their heads to explode, who knows? I mean I’m sure they’ll try to kick up a fuss, lie, bluster, panic, and claim that they feel unsafe and that their physical safety is danger. They’ll call me a racist and a number of other names under the sun. Go ahead. And the people who want, will come and hear about how cultural appropriation is total horse shit. It’s just a way for the left to call you a name and control you, and we’ll discuss things can be called cultural appropriation in history like Picasso, Mozart, and Van Gogh and Lil Wayne and all sorts of other people the left says they like. They worry a lot about cultural appropriation but have never actually read a book. They don’t know anything about cultures they’re supposedly protecting on someone else’s behalf, so I will educate them. And I’ll do so looking fabulous.

Do you have a message for any potential demonstrators who will protest your event?

Yeah: do better than the other colleges and come down with real questions. Rather than try to shout and yell and disrupt it for a few minutes, who really cares? You’re going to blow a casket, make a mess and then you’ll be escorted out. Who cares? Come with an argument. Come with a real question. Challenge me intellectually. If you believe that cultural appropriation is a problem, that it’s racist, that people shouldn’t do it, come and explain why.

I think some people will actually try to challenge you on that.

Well, I hope so. It’s Yale, for God’s sake. If they don’t then I have no faith for the future of the American education system. If they come and just want to be disruptive, and they don’t want to present arguments and just want to do what that girl did in the video, if they just want to do that, then we’ll know that Yale is lost. I want to be challenged. I want someone to ask me a question I can’t answer. It would make a nice change.

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