‘Hitman’ Episodic Release Schedule Hit with Delays


Io-Interactive’s HITMAN reboot may take a little bit longer to complete than previously projected, as new episodes face possible development delays.

Let’s be frank: HITMAN just wasn’t very good. From the underdeveloped beta experience, to the thoroughly broken game it reflected all too well, Io’s return to the franchise was an elaborately broken convergence of bugs and unfinished content.

New boss Ryan Barnard is a godsend to the troubled series, and I’ve quite frankly been expecting this since the announcement that he’d be leaving the acclaimed Tom Clancy’s The Division project to personally direct just about every aspect of Io-Interactive.

Recent activity on Twitter suggests that the first thing he’s looking to do is make sure that the content still to be released meets a higher standard than what we’ve already had the misfortune to experience. The official HITMAN Twitter account has responded to user questions by stating that the episodic schedule for content after April 24th’s “Sapienza” mission is “subject to change.”

As largely ineffectual patches continue to attempt to make the game’s content actually playable and add new dimensions to the bite-size amount of content offered, even the one-off “Elusive Target” mode has been delayed.

While this might be frustrating to die-hard fans hoping for content they’ve already paid for sooner rather than later, I’d much prefer to see Barnard ensure that they get it right. And even though I have my doubts about this iteration of the franchise as a whole, any attempt to make things right with series devotees seems like a step in the right direction.

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