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CFL Grey Cup Has All-American Feel Thanks to Jersey’s Anthony Cioffi

On Sunday evening in Edmonton, the Canadian Football League championship will be decided when the 106th Grey Cup game takes place. The Calgary Stampeders will have plenty of supporters rooting for them, including their most famous fan, WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart.

Anthony Cioffi

Migrant Wanted for Murder of 70 People Arrested on EU Border

A Pakistani man suspected of having killed around 70 people in his homeland has been arrested in Hungary among a large group of migrants trying to break into Europe. Police in the Central European nation arrested the 35-year-old alleged hitman,


‘HITMAN’ Review: Time to Cancel This Contract

HITMAN is a strange experiment in incremental content and aggressive monetization. It was billed as a “World of Assassination,” but its world is smaller than any the franchise has ever seen. While I’ve managed to enjoy every prior entry in the series, this one eluded my best efforts.


‘Hitman’ Beta Impressions: Not Quite Ready to Come Out of the Shadows

The first thing that strikes me about the Hitman beta is its beauty. The helicopter pad on which I’m deposited is lashed by arctic wind. The monolithic entrance to the Agency’s training center is appropriately foreboding. Every graphical bell and whistle is on display, and for a moment I’m just grateful to be back in Agent 47’s shoes.


‘Charlie Brown’ Voice Guilty in Hitman Hire Attempt

A man who voiced the lovable Charlie Brown in a series of 1960s television specials has pleaded guilty to making criminal threats after he attempted to solicit a hitman to kill a San Diego law enforcement officer.

Capsized kayaker had Charlie Brown cutout