Harvard ‘Protecting Anti-Semites’ While ‘Tracking’ Conservatives

Joseph Williams/Wikimedia Commons

Harvard Law School has been reportedly protecting the identity of anti-Semitic agitators while at the same time attempting to expose conservative bloggers, according to Frontpage Mag.

The most recent case concerns a student named Husam El Qoulag, who had hurled an anti-Semitic remark at Israel’s former minister of justice and current co-leader of the Zionist Union party, Tzipy Livni.

The student asked why she was a “smelly” Jew before going on to inquire about her “odour” before repeating that she was “very smelly,” during a Q&A session with esteemed Harvard alumni including U.S. diplomat Dennis Ross and Harvard Law professor Robert Mnookin.

El Qoulag, who is leader of the group Students for Justice in Palestine, consequently had his identity protected by the school, who condemned his comments but then inexplicably censored out the exchange from the video.

Meanwhile, a blog set up by conservative students designed to mock the behaviour of radical leftist students was reportedly investigated by high-level Harvard officials who contemplated using the FBI to reveal the identity of the bloggers.

Emails obtained by the bloggers show details of a meeting held between the radical leftist students and administrators, and they allege that top Harvard officials vowed to employ their considerable IT resources as well as campus police to uncover their identity.

Ari Lieberman, who wrote the report, said that Harvard’s behavior is “indeed a sad reflection on Harvard Law School and the morally bankrupted values held by its top echelon.”

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