Halo ‘Forge’ Comes to Windows 10


Microsoft and 343 Industries are bringing Halo 5‘s Forge Mode to Windows 10.

Since the debut of Forge Mode in Halo 3, thousands of creative Halo fans have been using the tool to develop and publish their own maps and game modes for public consumption. Halo 5 introduced an even more robust toolset, and both Microsoft and 343 have been impressed by what they’ve seen.

So impressed, in fact, that they want to extend the toolset to PC gamers as well. Featuring a UI “updated and optimized” for keyboard and mouse control, they hope the increased precision and functionality that comes with the PC release will pave the way for even more robust creations from the community.

The Windows 10 edition of Forge will also include increased graphics resolutions, the ability to test and play created maps and modes on your PC, and the ability to publish your content for use on Xbox One.

According to 343’s UGC Director Tom French:

The team has continued to wonder what we’d get if we could put Forge in the hands of as many people as possible, and making it free on Windows 10 literally gives the chance to anyone who wants to jump in and try their hands at building a cool new map for Halo 5. I’m excited to see what the future content from the community will bring!

Support will be ongoing. According to the announcement, future updates will include “new environments, advanced file sharing capabilities, new pieces, palettes, props, and much more.”

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