DePaul College Republicans: Response Of Campus Security ‘Utterly Shameful’


The College Republicans of DePaul University have released a statement slamming the University for failing to gaurantee the security of their event with Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos, which was prematurely shut down after activists stormed the stage and issued threats of violence.

In a statement, the College Republicans said:

What happened tonight at our Milo Yiannopoulos event is a sad verdict on the American campus today. We wanted to put on a good event; bring some new perspectives to the modern issues of our day and have some fun. Regrettably, militant protestors decided to hijack the event. Loud whistles, threats of violence and straight up suppression of speech. There was no discourse, no Q&A, just fascism.
Additionally, DePaul security’s response to the thuggery was utterly shameful. We spent thousands of dollars and countless hours to get the proper security and put this event on, but when security was actually needed, they did nothing.
What is the point of having security if they won’t do anything when they are CLEARLY needed? DePaul administration and security’s response just shows the liberal bias that so obviously pervades universities all around the country.  Conservatives can’t host speakers, can’t put on events, because as soon as we get started vile leftists will shut down our events as soon as they get started, while administration cooperates with their oppressive, disgusting actions.
We want to thank Milo Yiannopoulos for putting up this garbage, and we hope, in some way, DePaul administration will actually do something to address this abomination and  hold those responsible for what this event became accountable.

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