Black DePaul Student Condemns BLM Protesters, Defends Milo


Amidst the chaos last night at Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ event at DePaul University, an African-American student took the stage to condemn the behavior of the protesters who shut the event down.

She can be seen in the video starting at 55:25.

After Yiannopoulos invited the student on stage so that she could address the protesters directly, she identified herself as Kati Danforth, a math major at DePaul University, who also serves on the board of the DePaul College Republicans.

For contradicting the efforts of the Black Lives Matter protesters, one of the protesters called Danforth a white supremacist when she took the stage. “I am a white supremacist now because I believe in hard work and deciding that I need to make a life for myself – that makes me a racist, a bigot, and a white supremacist.”

She told the protesters that their actions were disrespectful. “You’re being lazy and disrespectful. I’m pretty sure your parents didn’t raise you to be disrespectful.”

“The College Republicans and a lot of conservative organizations paid for this event to happen. This event isn’t happening because you’ve chosen to be disrespectful.

“I know who I am, I am Kati Danforth, a math major and a junior at DePaul University and I am working my a** off to become somebody.”

After she left the stage, Yiannopoulos praised Danforth and condemned the protesters. “This lady turns up, she’s speaking on behalf of speaking and hard work, and (protesters) call her a white supremacist. If there is anyone perpetuating stereotypes about Blacks, it’s the (protesters).”

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