‘Overwatch’ Reaches 7 Million Copies in Sales


It’s official: Overwatch is the Next Big Thing. A little more than a week past the release, Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter has passed 7 million units in sales.

You could feel the anticipation in the air. As Overwatch counted down to its launch on May 24th, the burgeoning Twitch community was preparing a multitude of launch streams. Preloading percentages clogged every corner of gaming social media. And BattleBorn, Gearbox’s answer to Overwatch, dropped its price by 30% in hopes of weathering the “Fight For The Future” that was about to begin.

Overwatch is already a phenomenon. It’s spawning dozens of YouTube videos an hour, copious amounts of fan art, and even a flood of specialized pornography. The people have spoken, and loudly. Once again, Blizzard has shaken and entire genre with an approach that combines the accessibility that it brought to MMOs with World of Warcraft, the depth and complexity of its best strategy titles, and the raw speed of hits like Halo and Team Fortress 2.

Editor Noah Dulis will be providing our review of the game shortly, but meanwhile, it’s safe to say that if you’re debating whether to take the plunge, the sum total of the internet is in favor.

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