Univ. of North Carolina Hides Microaggressions List from Public After Conservative Media Reports

Alexei Kuznetsov/Flickr
Alexei Kuznetsov/Flickr

Following a report at Breitbart along with other conservative media outlets, the University of North Carolina has removed their controversial post on microaggressions from the public eye.

Attempting to access the page will now return a 404 error message with no sign of the post, though Campus Reform reports that the post is still available to campus employees and students with an ID and password.

The post, which was authored by Faculty Programs Specialist Katie Turner, listed an array of terms and “microaggressions” which fellow teachers were to avoid for fear of offending students at the college. The list prohibited the mention of any Christian holiday, stating that celebrating Christmas “further centers the Christian faith and minimizes non-Christian spiritual rituals and observances.” Complimenting someone’s shoes and inviting a colleague to play golf were also listed as “hostile” and “negative” things to do.

“We have received threatening emails and phone calls about this article and are concerned about the safety of the staff,” claimed Chairman of the Employee Forum Charles Streeter to Campus Reform. “Some people outside the university have assumed that the Employee Forum makes policy for the university and we do not.”

Despite Streeter’s attempt to distance the college from the post, it was still contributed to by three employees at the college as an advisory guide to fellow colleagues. Assistant Director for Education and Special Initiatives in the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs Sharbari Dey and the Coordinator for Leadership Development in Housing and Residential Education Krista Prince both contributed to the post, along with the author, Katie Turner, giving it an official feel to fellow employees.

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