Leslie Jones Claims She Was ‘Hacked’ After Retweeting ‘Uncle Tom’ Comment About Milo

Actress Leslie Jones said she was leaving Twitter after being bombarded by Internet trolls likening her to an ape and making other racist insults

Ghostbusters (2016) star Leslie Jones has been lavished with sympathy by the media after engaging Twitter trolls and getting Milo Yiannopoulos permanently banned, but here’s something that seemed to slip through the media’s cracks.

“He’s basically the Uncle Tom of Gay ppl. Huge Trump/alt-right fanboy who is gay,” tweeted one user to the Ghostbusters star about Yiannopoulos.

Jones retweeted the comment and continued tweeting for many hours about the “trolls” on the social network.

When another user posted a screenshot of the retweet and called out the hypocrisy of Jones playing the victim card whilst also seemingly endorsing an offensive and racist term, she was quick to distance herself from the comment.

“How can you de-cry racism but re-tweet people ironically using terms like ‘uncle tom’? Hypocrite,” tweeted a user at Jones.

Jones didn’t claim that the screenshot was fake, like others that were circulating on Twitter, but had a different excuse instead. “I didn’t someone hacked my Acct. Why not ask me that before you start calling me names. Wow,” she replied. However,  less than ten minutes later she appeared to contradicted herself, telling another user, “go fuck your self yep that’s from me no hack except you,” after they questioned the authenticity of her claims.

The retweet of the comment calling Milo an Uncle Tom has since been removed from Jones’ account.

Of course it’s not impossible that Jones’ account was hacked, but the fact that she was continuing to tweet around the time the retweet was made and no other announcement of a hack was made apart from in her reply calls her excuse into question.

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