Alt-Right Created Hashtag ‘Bernie Must Disavow’ Trends Globally Amid DNC Leak Chaos


Today’s WikiLeaks email drop has brought forth thousands of emails between DNC staff, and with it comes yet another trending hashtag from the right-wing meme depot of Twitter.

The mayhem doesn’t end there though, as news has broken that head of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, will not speak at the party’s convention next week as a “peace gesture” to Bernie Sanders. This is following the WikiLeaks email drop of course, which has unearthed the depth of the DNC’s collusion against Sanders. Among these issues is the finding that DNC staffers conspired against Bernie Sanders using his religion.

Following today’s leak, Twitter users banded together to shine a much needed light on the mistreatment of Bernie Sanders by crooked DNC staffers, and thus became #BernieMustDisavow. The hashtag’s goal: to get Senator Bernie Sanders to disavow his prior endorsement of Hillary Clinton, who’s now turned against him as the emails show.

The hashtag is currently trending worldwide with over 103,000 tweets in participation.

Origin of the hashtag traces back to March of this year, started by the creator of the “Can’t Stump The Trump” YouTube series.

Today it came back with a resounding shout, and took the political Twitter sphere by storm, in a rekindling Pizza Party Ben and Baked Alaska.

Even Green Party candidate Jill Stein took part in the action.

And like most other trending hashtags that stray from the Jack Dorsey agenda, users quickly found that the hashtag would not autocomplete in search.