Ghostbusters Director Paul Feig Says He’ll Never Reboot Another Movie

Rich Polk/Getty Images for Sony Pictures Entertainment

Paul Feig, director of the feminist flop Ghostbusters, has announced that he will never “reboot” another Hollywood classic. 

When asked during an interview with the Huffington Post if he would be rebooting any other well known movies Feig pretended as if he had a choice in the matter saying, “No, no, no. No, I will not, this one was just too tempting because I knew we could do something with it that was exciting”.

The drama around the film, both on and off set, mixed with its poor reception from audiences may have something to do with Feig’s decision. On-set reports claimed that McCarthy and Feig fought on multiple occasion in relation to the direction of the film and that Kristen Wiig actually asked for her writing credit to be removed from the film so that it would not damage her future career opportunities. If that doesn’t sound like a recipe for disaster then what is?

Speaking to the Huffington Post about the film’s criticism, Feig stuck to the film’s marketing strategy of calling all critics misogynists. “Up until then it was me just dealing with a bunch of angry dudes”. Feig once again assumed that any criticism of the film is from an internet misogynist, or a “45 year old man living in their mother’s basement” as the film’s star Melissa McCarthy said on Jimmy Kimmel. 

“There’s a whole generation of kids and young people who didn’t have their own ‘Ghostbusters,’ who, to them, even though it’s a great movie, it’s an old movie. I don’t know why [there was] all this controversy leading up to this, because heroes are heroes,” Feig said. “It doesn’t matter what gender they are.”

What Feig failed to mention when talking about the film’s reception is that it is still millions away from recouping its costs. Warner Brother and DC’s latest comic adaptation, Suicide Squad, has outgrossed Ghostbusters in its first weekend despite receiving harsh reviews from critics. 

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