Melissa McCarthy Suggests Ghostbusters Remake Critics Are 45-Year Old Men Living In Their Mother’s Basements

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The cast of the long unawaited Ghostbusters movie appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Show on Thursday to promote the remake that nobody asked for.

During this interview, Kimmel himself presented a well rehearsed strawman argument to the audience when describing the films critics. “A lot of these guys who seem to have, I don’t know, maybe very empty lives are upset because they say, oh well you can’t have female Ghostbusters because only men can fight imaginary ghosts in a make believe movie” said Kimmel, drawing boos from the crowd directed at these hypothetical critics. 

Melissa McCarthy, who plays Abby Yates in the film, quipped back at Kimmel that “what these guys don’t say when they’re typing is that their moms are like ‘get upstairs and take out the garbage! You’re forty five years old’”. Once again implying that anyone who has expressed dissatisfaction at the thoughts of a much loved childhood film being remade to appeal to a niche feminist market is simply a misogynist that hates women and lives in their mothers basement.

Kimmel agreed with the actresses sentiment saying that she was “more right than most people would believe.” and that due to the involvement of original Ghostbuster actors, Dan Akyroyd, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson, fan reactions didn’t matter. But given that Wikileaks has leaked emails showing that Sony executives considered threatening “aggressive litigation” against Murray if he failed to promote the film, it’s hard to know how enthusiastic his participation really is. Her certainly doesn’t look happy at 00:40 of the video below.

Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos has previously discussed why it is that liberals are so desperate to defend the film, resorting to claims of misogyny and racism when faced with critique and ridicule. SJW’s are unable to admit that fans issues with the film have nothing to do with the gender of the ghostbusters – something fans have never had an issue with. The popular cartoon Extreme Ghostbusters actually starred both male and female characters of multiple ethnicities and even a disabled character – but rather is a reaction to what they see as a desecration of a favourite childhood movie and the patronising and insulting way in which fans have been spoken about and to once they air these grievances.

The Ghostbusters remake is set to release on June 15th but given the fan reaction to the trailer, it probably won’t be an oscar contender this year.

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