Anti-Gawker ‘Jail Denton’ Group Announce Boycott of Buyer Ziff Davis’ Advertisers


Grassroots anti-Gawker group “Jail Denton” have started a boycott on all Ziff Davis advertisers, after it was reported that the umbrella media company was set to purchase the bankrupt and controversial Gawker Media.

“If you offer to buy Gawker you are morally complicit in Gawker’s crimes, @ziffdavis & @j2global,” posted the Jail Denton Twitter account. “Your advertisers will be boycotted”.

The list of boycotted advertisers include those in partnership with the Ziff Davis owned outlets IGN and PC Mag.

“We will be expanding the #Gamergate boycott into Ziff Davis’s advertisers,” said Jail Denton in an email to Breitbart Tech. “Gawker’s top advertiser is American Express. Why? We have alerted the short sellers of J2global, the parent company of Ziff Davis about the boycott & we invite the public to join in. We are told that Univision is also looking at acquiring the property.”

Jail Denton first made headlines on Wednesday, after a swarm of Nick Denton “guilty” posters were spotted around New York City near Gawker’s office.

“Nick Denton deserves prison for numerous crimes, including revenge porn, tax evasion, and child pornography,” said a member of the Jail Denton group to Breitbart Tech on Wednesday. “GamerGate cost Gawker millions. We see that record as something to rival should Ziff Davis keep up its bid.”

Gawker Media were ordered to pay $140 million to former wrestling champion Hulk Hogan in March, after the news outlet posted a clip from Hogan’s sex tape without permission. Since the court order, both Gawker and its founder Nick Denton have been forced to file for bankruptcy.

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