Clinton Campaign Aligns with Anti-Gamergate Developer Brianna Wu to Attack Breitbart


Hillary Clinton’s campaign promoted an article written by anti-Gamergate developer Brianna Wu over the weekend that attacked Gamergate, the alt-right, and Breitbart News.

Brianna Wu, developer of Revolution 60, has long claimed to be the target of a Gamergate harassment campaign, even appearing on the SyFy network’s The Internet Ruined My Life where she described her experience with a dramatic re-enactment of events.

Wu recently wrote an article on about Clinton’s speech attacking former Breibtart News chairman Steve Bannon and the alt-right political movement. In Wu’s article, she claims that accusations of Clinton’s corruption and wrongdoing as secretary of state is part of an alt-right smear campaign, equating it to her experience with Gamergate.

“Though the public moved on from the story [Gamergate], the targeted harassment continues to this day. The playbook of the Alt-Right uses the same tactics levied against Hillary Clinton for the past 30 years. The idea is to throw enough accusations at a target until they’re mired in controversy and their reputation suffers,” writes Wu.

The Clinton campaign, eager to promote anyone that would claim evidence against Clinton is part of a “vast right wing conspiracy,” posted Wu’s story to Facebook and Twitter.

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Posted by Hillary for America on Sunday, September 4, 2016

Clinton has previously stated her belief that videogames cause real-world violence and introduced the Family Entertainment Protection Act in 2005, which would have subjected anyone found to have sold a Mature- or Adults Only-rated video game to a minor to a $1,000 fine and up to 100 hours of community service. The act failed to pass in the Senate.

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