Milo on CNBC: Twitter Is Tanking, Who’d Buy It Now?


Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos told CNBC that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has “checked out” at a time that the “business is tanking and losing its users.”

“My analysis of Twitter is that the conventional wisdom is 180 degrees wrong on this. Everybody is telling us the problem with Twitter is too much trolling, too much meanness, too much ‘abuse and harassment,’ I see the problem as exactly the reverse,” he said.

“Twitter is systemically having a go at conservatives, there’s even chatter of them having a race problem where they don’t like white people very much, they’ve got this black supremacist Black Lives Matter hash tag in its San Fransisco offices,” he said.

“That raises the spectrum of anti-trust and Cruz would probably be up for that. There’s all sorts of things that could happen.”

“When Twitter started cracking down on free speech, the platform started failing, and that is the history of social networks,” he explained. “That rule has never been broken.”

When asked about his suspension from the platform after he criticised Leslie Jones and her role in Ghostbusters (2016), he reinforced the idea that him being a “catty gay guy” was not a reason to “stop the presses and get somebody off Twitter” but they had done it for “political reasons.”


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