Conservative-Only ‘Codias’ Social Network Wants to Be ‘Digital Basecamp’ for the Right


Codias, a new social network exclusively for conservatives, was launched Monday, seeking to become a “digital basecamp” for citizens and professionals alike on the right-wing.

“Codias is the first social network designed exclusively for the conservative movement,” it was announced at the platform’s launch early Monday. “For the first time in history, conservatives now have a platform to find, connect, and communicate with other conservatives nationwide with enhanced privacy, security, and freedom to express conservative views without fear of censorship.”

“All communications are encrypted in transit, and sensitive data is encrypted at rest,” continued the press release. “We have designed our business model around the dignity and privacy of individuals, while adopting rigorous physical, technical, procedural, and legal safeguards to protect the personal data of our users.”

The man behind the social network, Cody M. Brown, wants to combine the best elements from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp to turn Codias into a platform for networking, campaign building, news sharing, and alliance building. The service currently has three different account categories for five different types of people: citizens, candidates, organizations, policymakers, and journalists.

Brown, who previously ran Rick Santorum’s Iowa Caucas campaign against Mitt Romney in 2012, claims not to be competing with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and the recently launched free-speech platform Gab, however. Instead, he wants to create a tool that conservatives can use in conjunction with other social networks.

Codias claims that you can “save time by crossposting to multiple social media accounts simultaneously,” allowing your posts to also reach friends on other social media platforms. Codias also encourages you to “find allies” and “build a coalition” to create a circle with your friends, family, and colleagues, making it easier for people to reach out to other professionals or potential audiences.

“The time has come for conservatives to develop our own independent platforms that serve our own needs and advance our own agenda,” said Brown to Breitbart Tech. “Codias serves as a digital basecamp for conservatives, while at the same time allowing users to integrate other social channels for the purpose of winning the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans.”

You can sign up for Codias now at their official website.

Charlie Nash is a reporter for Breitbart Tech. You can follow him on Twitter @MrNashington or like his page at Facebook.