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Professor Brags About Destroying Pro-Trump Chalkings on Campus

The Associated Press

A professor at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington took to social media to brag about destroying pro-Trump chalkings that appeared last week on her campus.

Campus Reform

Campus Reform

Professor Hanna Dela Cruz Abrams, of the English Department at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, took to Facebook on Friday with photos of the remains of chalk writings that she doused with water. To a mixed reception, Abrams announced that she had started to remove pro-Trump chalk writings from campus sidewalks.

While many commenters thanked her for removing “hateful” speech from the campus’ sidewalks, others questioned her judgement. “I understand that vote Trump is likely a cipher for more hateful statements,” one comment said, “but expressing a political opinion on a university campus is something we want, right?”

Campus Reform

Campus Reform

Another commenter argued that “it’s not a teacher’s job to censor” but rather to “engage in a dialogue and educate.”

According to Campus Reform, Abrams said, “I welcome intellectual discourse and work hard to foster dialogue between opposing points of view. But the racist content is in violation of the university’s tolerance policy.”

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