University of Maryland Forcing Students to Pay for Title IX Enforcement

AP Photo/Amy Anthony
AP Photo/Amy Anthony

The University of Maryland announced a new policy on Monday that will force all students to pay a fee for the continued enforcement of Title IX regulations pertaining to gender discrimination.

Students at the public University of Maryland will be forced to pay for the enforcement of federally mandated Title IX regulations, which aim to protect against gender discrimination on college campuses.

A.J. Pruitt, University of Maryland’s student government association’s vice president, claimed that the university’s inability to fund the Title IX program is the sign of an administrative failure: “The university failed in their responsibility to fully fund this office.”

“By putting in a proposal to add an additional fee — that’s placing another financial burden on students. It’s not something I’m excited about, but it gets us to fully funding the office in a short amount of time,” Pruitt added.

University spokesperson Crystal Brown claimed that administrators were supportive of the student government’s proposal to pass the fee for the enforcement of the federally mandated Title IX policy on to the students. “Students have proposed a new fee to provide this office additional revenue, but it has not yet been voted on, and not yet final. We are supportive of the Student Government Association’s proposal which, if approved, will supplement the existing budget and is a show of support for the important mission of the Title IX office.”

You can read more about the decision from the university’s press release below:

On October 6, the University of Maryland Student Government Association (SGA) approved a measure to mandate a $17 fee per semester on all UMD students. The revenues raised from these mandatory payments will go exclusively to the university’s Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct (OCRSM).

Claiming that her office does not receive enough funding from the UMD administration to properly carry out their Title IX obligations, Director Catherine A. Carroll applauded this student measure and is seeking for President Wallace Loh and the Board of Regents to approve and implement it.

Carroll’s office has existed for two years now, and its budget has already increased from $643,000 the first year to $1.01 million the second.

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