Title IX

Lawsuit: Indiana Wesleyan Expelled Student over Sexual Misconduct Charge Without Due Process

A student at Ohio Wesleyan University recently filed a lawsuit against former his university after he was expelled over a three-week investigation into a sexual misconduct allegation made against him by a peer. After falsely being accused of transmitting HIV to the alleged victim, the immunocompromised student was required to travel to a hospital during the height of the Chinese virus pandemic to take an HIV test, which was negative.

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Federal Bill Introduced to Preserve and Protect Female Sports

Florida Republican Rep. Greg Steube has introduced a bill which aims to ensure that women and girls sports remain a fair playing field by prohibiting the use of federal funds to support any athletic event where a biological male identifying as a woman attempts to compete against biological female athletes.


Former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder Blasts Probe into Claim He Kissed Student

Former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder blasted Virginia Commonwealth University’s investigation into a claim that he engaged in a non-consensual kiss with a student. Wilder’s complaints about the Title IX investigation by the college mirror those of male students who feel they have been mistreated by “kangaroo courts” judging campus sexual misconduct allegations.

Former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder