Facebook Apologizes After Banning Breast Cancer Awareness Video


Facebook apologized after removing a Swedish breast cancer awareness video for featuring animated breasts in a tutorial on how women can check for tumors.

Cancerfonden’s video was removed from the social network this week after it was considered “offensive” before Facebook reversed their decision and apologized.

“We’re very sorry, our team processes millions of advertising images each week, and in some instances we incorrectly prohibit ads,” said a spokesman for Facebook. “This image does not violate our ad policies. We apologise for the error and have let the advertiser know we are approving their ads.”

After the video was banned, Cancerfonden wrote an open letter to Facebook, along with a proposed solution: recreating the video to portray breasts as square-like instead of circular.

“It was not meant to offend with our Breast school,” wrote Cancerfonden in their open letter to Facebook. “We understand that you have to have rules about the content published on your platform. But you must also understand that one of our main tasks is to disseminate important information about cancer – in this case breast cancer.”

After trying to meet your control for several days without success, we have now come up with a solution that will hopefully make you happy:

Two pink squares!

This can not possibly offend. Now we can continue to spread our important breast school without it sticks in your eyes.

We will never abandon our vision – to defeat cancer.

In September, Facebook received backlash after banning an iconic Vietnam War photograph of a naked girl crying during a napalm attack.

The ban resulted in the editor of Norway’s largest newspaper, Epsen Egil Hansen, author Tom Egeland, and even Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg being suspended from the platform, before Facebook reversed their decision.

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