Silicon Valley Elite Panic At Possibility Of Trump Presidency

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The Associated Press

Members of Silicon Valley’s elite took to Twitter to express their horror earlier this morning as the election began to turn in favour of Republican candidate Donald Trump. 

Some suggested drastic measure to fight back against a Donald Trump presidency, co-founder of venture capital firm Sherpa Capital – a fund that invests in companies such as Uber, Slack and AirBnB – tweeted that he would begin a campaign to have California become its own nation,

Replying to the tweet, Dave Morin formerly of Facebook and co-founder of social network website Path said,

Jason Calcanis, co-founder of Weblogs Inc, tweeted a photograph of the New York Times real time election forecast with the hashtags, “#Nightmare #ElectionNight”

Aaron Levie, CEO of Box expressed his anger with Nate Silver, the pollster of prediction website 538, saying “Nate Silver, we trusted you”

And partner of Google Ventures, M.G. Siegler wrote, “so we’re gonna have to learn the hard way then.”

Sam Altman, president of start-up incubator Y-Combinator and co-chair of artificial intelligence research company OpenAI also seemed downcast.

Overall, many of Silicon Valley’s tech elite seem quite despondent at the likely possibility of a Trump presidency but with the race ending shortly and the winner soon to be announced, it seems that many will have to come to terms with a Republican in office.

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