Microsoft Apologizes for Accidental ‘Racist Slur’ in ‘Dead Rising 4’ Promo Email


Microsoft has been forced to apologise after a perceived reference to a racial slur appeared in the subject line of a marketing email for the upcoming zombie-survival game Dead Rising 4.

The email was sent to Xbox Live users, advertising an online festive “zombie choir,” an interactive piano where zombie noises are assigned to each of the notes of the keyboard, allowing players to make music from their growls. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the zombie noise that they picked for the email header happened to be “NNNNGGGHHHAAAA,” which some interpreted as alluding to the n-word.

It is unclear exactly who complained to Microsoft, but they issued a swift apology via Larry Hyrb on Twitter.

Many responses have ridiculed Microsoft for apologising for what was clearly not meant to be offensive, even though the mistake may have been obvious:

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