Amazon Imposes Limit on Product Reviews to Stop Fake Reviews

Online retailer Amazon has imposed a new limit on the number of reviews allowed on a particular product in an attempt to stop fake reviews across the site.

Customers will now be allowed a maximum of five reviews a week on products that they have not bought through the Amazon store.

The move is an attempt to curtail companies paying customers to leave positive reviews, as well as people giving negative reviews to products they have not bought.

Recently, Amazon purged negative reviews given to FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly’s new memoir.

The company has also tried to sue businesses who have bought fake reviews, although previously allowed companies to offer free products in exchange for a review so long as the customer disclosed the transaction.

In an update to its customer service section, the company confirmed, “You can submit five non-Amazon verified purchase reviews each week, starting on Sunday.”

“If we find unusually high numbers of reviews for a product posted in a short period of time, we may restrict these products to Amazon Verified Purchase reviews,” it explains.

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