SJWs Furious After Tech Conference Protects Political Diversity


Despite agitating for years for “Codes of Conduct,” purportedly to protect “diversity” in tech conferences, social justice warriors are now throwing a fit after one conference decided to extend its protection to political and ideological diversity.

The organization behind LambdaConf—a tech conference that tech SJWs failed to shut down for its refusal to ban a speaker, Curtis Yarvin, over his political views —has launched a new politically-neutral Code of Conduct that has the regressive left a tizzy over its promise to protect conservatives and libertarians as well as leftists from discrimination.

The push for COCs accelerated in 2015 when feminist activist Coraline Ada Ehmke demanded that hackers welcome social justice tactics and alt-left agendas into their tech communities, thus politicizing every aspect of people’s professional lives.

Under the guise of making tech spaces “welcoming,” Ehmke created the widely-used Contributor Covenant, which states people may “ban temporarily or permanently any contributor for other behaviors that they deem inappropriate, threatening, offensive, or harmful.

In practice, the Contributor Covenant has been used to ban people from tech conferences and coding projects on the basis of any offensive given, at any time, even when it takes place outside the spaces in question.

In June 2015, the hacker Elia Shito publicly tweeted skepticism about transgenderism in children. Although Elia tweeted from his own personal account, Ehmke tried to get Elia Shito ejected from the open source community he participated in.

Shortly after the Elia Shito incident, open source hacker Curtis Yarvin was disinvited from Strangeloop after organizers fielded numerous complaints about views expressed by Yarvin in his political blog—despite the fact that Yarvin’s talk had nothing to do with politics and was focused on his open source work.

Just two months ago, Douglas Crockford’s invitation to Nodevember was rescinded, to prevent any “discomfort” that he might cause oppressed attendees. Nodevember never described the specific crimes to which Crockford was presumed guilty.

In the face of this unchecked power grab by the regressive left of tech, the Fantasyland Institute of Learning has developed its own COC that provides concrete criteria for expulsion and protection from ideological discrimination, making it the most inclusive and anti-discriminatory COC yet.

This Code of Conduct, called FCOP, does not permit discrimination on political grounds, nor does it allow adopters to consider a member’s behavior in other communities (allowing people to have and express personal views outside the community, even views that offend SJWs).

In a potentially devastating blow to the most widely-used weapon in the arsenal of social justice warriors, FCOP forbids “naming & shaming.” This technique involves shaming someone on social media, with the goal of forming a lynch mob powerful enough to get the person discredited or fired (“tech evangelist” Adria Richards notoriously used this technique to get a developer fired for a private joke he made to a friend at a tech conference).

As expected, the alt-left community reacted violently to the announcement of FCOP. Christie Koehler, a well-known social justice warrior, took to Twitter to broadcast her moral outrage: 

Echoing thoughts of Ehkme, straight white male and stereotypical SJW “ally” Harry Garrood expressed a sentiment that is common among social justice warriors: 

FCOP’s provisions prohibit sabotaging the community or a member’s profession, including trying to get them fired for religious or political reasons. All together, these pro-ideological diversity features of FCOP may well provide tech communities the structure necessary to fight the political demands and career-destroying tactics of the SJWs.

FCOP is making a trial run at LambdaConf Winter Retreat, which is currently underway in Colorado. The COC is open source and can be freely adopted by any event or project. Interested readers can learn more by visiting Fantasyland Institute of Learning’s website.

The concept of political, intellectual, and ideological diversity has attracted increased attention in recent years as an atmosphere of political partisanship and intolerance has spread across many areas of society. Campuses in particular have become a battleground for the defenders of political diversity and their opponents, with organizations like the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) and Heterodox Academy leading the fight for more ideological diversity at universities.

After years of attempts by SJWs to purge wrongthinkers from its communities, it appears the world of tech is now starting to witness its own pushback against political intolerance. 

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