Twitter Releases Pro-Illegal Immigration Propaganda In Official ‘Moment’

Unaccompanied Children in Mexico
File Photo: OMAR TORRES/AFP/Getty Images

Twitter has published an official “moment” that praises a pro-illegal immigrant group and movement, who “have a message” for the President-elect.

“Moments” are a curated collection of stories and tweets that can be put together by any user of the site. Moments that then become popular can be viewed on the relevant section on the social media website. Twitter itself releases official Moments that they have curated, relating to news, entertainment, or other trending topics.

One of Twitter’s official moments, released on Saturday, documents a movement known as #HereToStay, a pro-illegal immigrant movement that wants to “fight back” against Donald Trump and his policy of enforcing immigration laws.

One tweet in the moment, from progressive pro-immigrant group United We Stand, proclaims the fact that “more than 70 cities” are “standing in support of undocumented immigrants.” (“Undocumented” is the politically correct term for “illegal,” of course.)

Twitter has not included any tweets within the moment that are critical of #HereToStay.

Twitter users were almost entirely united against #HereToStay, with only a couple of tweets in reply to the moment being positive, with the vast majority of people railing against illegal immigration and supporting the President-elect. The Moment did receive a large number of retweets and likes, above the average for non-political Moments selected by Twitter.

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