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Twitter Encourages Users to Snitch on Each Other with ‘Birdwatch’ Feature

Social media giant Twitter has announced a new feature called “Birdwatch” which aims to encourage users to police and flag each other’s tweets if they believe they spread misinformation. The company claims it wants to “broaden the range of voices” fighting against misinformation, but the feature has the potential to devolve into flagging wars between different factions of users.

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Project Veritas Video: Twitter Exec Vijaya Gadde Lays Out ‘Global Approach’ to Censor Americans

The investigative journalism group Project Veritas recently published insider footage of Twitter’s Legal, Policy, and Trust Lead discussing plans for Twitter’s expansion of moderation enforcement on a global scale. Progressive Twitter exec Vijaya Gadde described applying the company’s “global approach” to America’s political leaders, reaffirming the company’s believe that President Donald Trump’s posts were “inciting violence and having real-world harm.”

Twitter Exec Vijaya Gadde

NYT: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Approved Blacklisting Donald Trump While on French Polynesia Vacation

In a recent article, the New York Times provides an insight into Twitter’s decision to ban President Donald Trump from its platform permanently. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, on vacation in French Polynesia, approved the decision under intense pressure from the company’s extreme leftist executives. Employees reportedly compared the platform allowing Trump to tweet to IBM collaborating with the Nazis.

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Report: Facebook Execs Believe Blacklisting Donald Trump Stopped a ‘Coup’

In a recent article, NBC News provides an insight into the moments leading up to the decision by Facebook and Twitter to blacklist President Donald Trump. One Facebook executive betrayed the depth of progressive groupthink amongst the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe when they reported said: “We don’t have a policy for what to do when a sitting president starts a coup.”

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Twitter Restores Donald Trump’s Account Following Suspension

Social media giant Twitter has restored access to President Trump’s account after issuing a 12-hour suspension to the President following his comments about yesterday’s protests on Capitol Hill. Although the suspension was for 12 hours, Trump did not tweet for almost a full 24 hours from the time his posts and video were censored by the platform.

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Twitter to Accept Verification Applications in 2021

Twitter reportedly plans to reopen its verification process in 2021 along with new guidelines for users seeking to be verified. Along with various benefits for the “blue check” user themselves, verification assures the general public that the account belongs to the person or brand it claims to represent. Twitter has refused to verify prominent conservatives such as James O’Keefe and Sidney Powell, leading to hoax accounts confusing the public.