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Facebook Employees Speak Out: Mark Zuckerberg Should Censor Trump

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is facing criticism from employees for failing to censor comments made on the platform by President Donald Trump. Ryan Freitas, a director of product design for the Facebook News Feed, says: “Mark is wrong, and I will endeavor in the loudest possible way to change his mind.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is applauded as he delivers the opening keynote introducing new Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram privacy features at the Facebook F8 Conference at McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California on April 30, 2019. - Got a crush on another Facebook user? The social network will …

Jack Dorsey Goes on Defensive After Twitter ‘Fact-Checks’ President Trump

In a recent series of Tweets, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey defended his recent decision to “fact check” and place warnings on two of President Donald Trump’s tweets. According to Dorsey, Twitter “fact checking” the president does not make the company an “arbiter of truth,” claiming that instead, the site was attempting to “connect the dots of conflicting statements.”

Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO

Twitter Brands Trump Vote-by-Mail Post with Fact Check, Citing CNN

Twitter added a link to “get the facts” about mail-in ballots after President Trump tweeted out widely-held concerns about the potential for voter fraud. The Twitter-curated “moment” is filled with mainstream media articles from CNN, Washington Post, and other outlets calling Trump a liar.

Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO

Twitter AI Is Having Trouble Labeling ‘Misleading’ Coronavirus Posts

Twitter is reportedly having trouble using AI tools to accurately label “misleading” tweets about the Wuhan coronavirus, raising concerns about the use of artificial intelligence to accurately label content on the site. As one expert explained: “Arguably, labeling incorrectly does more harm than not labeling because then people come to rely on that and they come to trust it. Once you get it wrong, a couple hours go by and it’s over.”

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square, Chairman of Twitter and a founder of both ,holds an event in London on November 20, 2014, where he announced the launch of Square Register mobile application. The app, which is available on Apple and Android devises, will allow merchants to track sales, inventories and …