The Latest: Twitter CEO says 'shadow ban' not impartial

Report: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Ignored Invitation to Meet ‘Civic Group’ in Myanmar

After Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey faced criticism for encouraging his followers to “go to Myanmar” this week after he spent ten days in the country for a meditation retreat, it was reported on Friday that Dorsey ignored an invitation from a local “key civic group” who wanted to speak to the Twitter CEO about technology in Myanmar.

The Latest: Twitter CEO says 'shadow ban' not impartial

Study: ‘Sh*t’ Is America’s Most-Used Word on Twitter

A recent study claims that American Twitter users are overwhelmingly negative on the platform and utilize swear words more often than those from other countries. Researchers claim Twitter data matches the “established stereotypes” about Americans.

(INSETS: Candace Owens and Louis Farrakhan) WASHINGTON, (DC - SEPTEMBER 5: Twitter chief executive officer Jack Dorsey looks on during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing concerning foreign influence operations' use of social media platforms, on Capitol Hill, September 5, 2018 in Washington, DC. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook chief …

Twitter Stock Drops on Fears of Conservative Exodus

Twitter’s stock dropped, Thursday, after the social network faced controversy for banning two conservatives: Jesse Kelly and Laura Loomer. Financial news site the Street believes the drop is tied to fears of a conservative boycott of the social media platform.

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Twitter Active User Count on the Decline

Twitter’s revenue for the third quarter was higher than expected, but the number of monthly active users on the platform — a key social media metric — has declined.

Twitter Chairman and Square CEO Jack Dorsey moderates a panel discussion with Detroit entrepreneurs at Techonomy Detroit at Wayne State University September 17, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan. The topic of the discussion was 'Turbocharging Detroit's Teconomy.' (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

Twitter Still Can’t Confirm ‘Foreign Influence Campaigns’

Twitter released account and tweet data on Wednesday it claims to believe are “associated with potential information operations found on our service since 2016.” It further describes its motive in censoring content across its digital platforms as serving the best interest of “the public conversation.”