University of Colorado Regent Defends MILO, Wants More Conservative Voices on Campus


The new regent at the University of Colorado, Heidi Ganahl, has made a strong push for more intellectual diversity on college campuses, claiming that the lack of conservatives is a national problem.

Ganahl claims that she wants to address the lack of conservatives on the faculty at the University of Colorado in her new role as the university’s regent.

“Well, I think that’s a national problem,” Ganahl said. “So it’s something that I certainly want to dig into a bit and address and make sure that students are hearing both sides of the story. It’s very important to me.”

Ganahl suggested creating classroom environments in which a conservative and a liberal teach together. She claims that setup has already been widely popular with students.

“And the kids love it. It’s always full, there’s always a waiting list to get a class, and that’s just an example of how students really do want to hear both sides of the story and have feisty debate about tough issues and have conversations about things that they really need to figure out where they stand on,” she explained.

Ganahl believes that co-taught classes will provide students with the opportunity to engage with a wider array of political perspectives.

Ganahl also defended Breitbart editor MILO, claiming that students should have the right to invite controversial speakers to campus without fear of academic or social repercussions.

“Well, I think that student groups invited him and sponsored his appearance, and we need to recognize their right to bring a variety of speakers and events to campus,” Ganahl said, adding that UC is a place “where open debate, discussion, are encouraged, even from speakers that we disagree with or may have views that we don’t all agree with.”