BuzzFeed Introduces ‘Outside Your Bubble’ to Provide Alternate Viewpoints on News

Hal Horowitz/Invision for Buzzfeed/AP Images

BuzzFeed News has introduced a new feature titled “Outside Your Bubble” that purportedly offers readers alternative viewpoints on BuzzFeed News articles.

BuzzFeed Edit0r-In-Chief Ben Smith posted an article to the website today titled “Helping You See Outside Your Bubble.” The feature aims to show BuzzFeed writers’ differing viewpoints on subjects from across multiple sources on social media. BuzzFeed states that this is an attempt to prevent people from only listening to opinions or thoughts in their specific political bubble.

“The Outside Your Bubble feature will appear as a module at the bottom of some widely shared news articles and will pull in what people are saying about the piece on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, the web, and other platforms,” Smith wrote. “It’s a response to the reality that often the same story will have two or three distinct and siloed conversations taking place around it on social media, where people talk to the like-minded without even being aware of other perspectives on the same reporting.”

Smith says the aim of the feature is to provide readers with a sense of the different conversations relating to an article: “We view it in part as a way to amplify the work of BuzzFeed News reporters, and to add for readers a sense of the context in which news lives now.” BuzzFeed also asked for feedback from viewers on the sources that are included in the Outside Your Bubble features.

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