‘Racism Simulator’ Chrome Extension Highlights Bigotry in Left-Wing Media

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Scott Olson/Getty Images

A Chrome browser extension titled “Racism Simulator” shows just how racist the left-wing media really is by changing negative references about white people to black people.

“Ever see articles bashing certain groups and thought to yourself how totally not okay it would be if the groups were replaced with another group?” the extension’s download page asks. “This extension swaps the groups being written about on HuffingtonPost, Salon, Buzzfeed, Jezebel, and Gawker to show how much racism, sexism, and outright nastiness they get away with because they chose to target an ‘oppressor’ group.”

Breitbart Tech tested out the extension on Wednesday. Here are some of the results we received.





BuzzFeed5 HuffPo1 HuffPo2 Salon1



“If you were offended by one but not the other, maybe you’re the racist one,” declared the extension’s developer in a trailer.

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