Report: European Data Protection Authorities Concerned About Windows 10


“European Union data protection authorities” continue to have “privacy-related concerns” about Windows 10, according to Tech Crunch, despite the fact that Microsoft tweaked their operating system last year following similar concerns.

Tech Crunch reports: “Concerns have focused on the volume of data being gathered by default on Windows 10, and whether Microsoft obtains fully informed consent from users to collect and process their data.”

“The Working Party has significant concerns with some of the personal data collected and further processed by Microsoft within the Windows 10 operating system and specifically the default settings or apparent lack of control for a user to prevent collection or further processing of such data,” proclaimed the EU data protection watchdog group, known as the Article 29 Working Party.

“As a result the Working Party specifically requests further explanatory information from Microsoft, as data controller for this personal data, as to how the opt-outs, default settings and other available control mechanisms presented during the installation of Windows 10 operating system provide a valid legal basis for the processing of personal data under the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC,” it continued.

“This is especially of concern where Microsoft would rely on consent as a legal basis for the processing of personal data,” they explained. “The Working Party has previously published Opinion 15/2011 on the definition of consent which highlights that for consent to be considered valid it must be fully informed, freely given and specific.”

In a statement response to the concerns surrounding Windows 10, Microsoft declared: “We are listening carefully to comments from members of the Art. 29 Working Party and we will continue to cooperate with the Working Party and national data protection agencies.”

“Our January announcement of changes coming to the Windows 10 privacy settings reflect our commitment to the protection of our users’ personal data,” they explained.

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