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Report: Google and Facebook May Have to Disclose How Much Your Data Is Worth

A recent report from MarketWatch claims that ahead of suspected antitrust investigations into Silicon Valley, tech giants may have to reveal to users how much their data is worth. User Data is the lifeblood of the Masters of the Universe, providing them with billions in profits based on targeted advertising.

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Cyber Defense Summit Announces Hillary Clinton as Keynote Speaker

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is set to act as the keynote speaker at the upcoming Cyber Defense Summit 2019. Cybersecurity powerhouse FireEye claims that Clinton, despite claiming incompetence with technology, will hold an “intimate Q&A keynote discussion.”

Hillary Clinton Speaking

Report: Apple Fires Back at Google’s Jabs on Privacy

The Independent recently published a report which investigates Apple’s top secret testing facilities where iPhone defenses are tested. Apple executives used the interview as an opportunity to push the company’s position on privacy, and fire back at Google’s attacks on Apple’s privacy focus. 

The Associated Press

Report: Uber May Sell User Data to Turn a Profit

Ride-sharing app Uber may have to turn to selling its vast trove of user data to finally turn a profit. Following the rest of the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe, Uber could reportedly profit from user data, which an insider described as “a wildly successful data collection on who uses it and how they use it and where they go.” 

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi

How to Protect Your Privacy on YouTube

While many users may be careful checking their privacy settings on social media sites, some forget to check the privacy settings of platforms such as YouTube — here are the important steps to protect your YouTube account privacy and make sure strangers aren’t keeping an eye on your video watching habits.

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BuzzFeed: We Have ‘Absolutely No Control’ over Facebook Personal Data

A BuzzFeed journalist recently used a Facebook transparency tool to investigate the sort of companies utilizing her data for advertising, finding her personal data was “everywhere” with “no control.” BuzzFeed News reporter Katie Notopoulos recently investigated the sort of personal details that

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