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Zoom CEO Apologizes for Security Issues, ‘Zoom Bombing’

The CEO of video conferencing powerhouse Zoom has apologized for the app’s numerous security issues allowing tricksters to derail meetings by “Zoom bombing” as it reaches 200 million daily users. Among other measures, Zoom will devote all its engineering resources to safety and security.

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Dozens of Universities Adopt Technology to Spy on Students

A new report suggests that dozens of American colleges and universities are adopting technology that allows administrators to track, monitor, and surveil students. Students from across the political spectrum have joined together to push back against this concerning trend.

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Lawsuit: Google Secretly Monitors Millions of Kids

A new lawsuit claims that Google secretly monitors the internet activity of children. The lawsuit, which was filed by the State of New Mexico, follows a $170 million settlement paid by Google over claims that it collects personal information from children on YouTube.

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UCLA Kills Plan to Use Facial Recognition Tech After Criticism

The University of California, Los Angeles, announced this week that they will not be moving forward with a plan to use facial recognition technology on campus. The decision comes ahead of a planned day of protests by students and advocacy groups that focus on privacy rights.

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Report: Massive Porn Site Breach Exposes Personal Information of Cam Models

A recent report from the cybersecurity team at vpnMentor has revealed that a porn site has suffered a massive data breach, exposing the personal data of 4,000 adult cam models — including scans of passports and driver’s licenses, and model releases disclosing addresses, phone numbers, and other private information.

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Facebook Bug Undermines Greta Thunberg’s Dad Claiming She’s Not Scripted

A recent bad code update on Facebook allowed anyone to see which accounts posted Facebook Pages, including those of celebrities and politicians. Among the pages exposed by the bug was teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg, whose posts are often authored by her father Svante Thunberg or Adarsh Prathap, an Indian climate change activist. 


2019: The Year of Massive Big Tech Data Breaches

2019 will go into the books as a bad year for data privacy, as sensitive personal details of many millions of users were leaked, breached, or left wide open by the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe.  Breitbart News has collected some of the biggest data breaches of the year.

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