Study: Losing Your Smartphone Is Nearly as Stressful as a Terrorist Threat

Faris Algosaibi / Flickr
Faris Algosaibi / Flickr

Losing your smartphone is often nearly as stressful as the threat of a terrorist attack, according to a recent report.

“A report by The Physiological Society, asked 2,000 people to rate how stressful they found key events,” reported The Telegraph on Wednesday. “While obvious situations such as the death of a loved one, or becoming seriously ill scored highly, so did modern concerns such as identity theft, commuter delays and even going on holiday. The threat of a terror attack came 13th on the list of stressful events, just one point above losing a smartphone, and well below planning a wedding, or moving house.”

Going on holiday, receiving a promotion at work, and Brexit all came below people losing their smartphones in terms of stress levels.

The report also found that London was the area most stressed about Brexit in the U.K., while Scotland was the most relaxed about commute delays.

Younger people were naturally more stressed about losing their smartphone than older generations, however, the threat of “serious illness” created more stress as people grew older.

“Like smartphone loss, identity theft is also a relatively modern stressor, but in this case was much more stressful for older people (55+), perhaps suggesting they are less sure what to do about it,” claimed the report. “Participants were also asked to fill in any other particularly stressful events which they felt the survey had missed out. The most common responses concerned driving: car breakdowns, suffering traffic, busy motorways, road rage, or being the passenger of a careless driver all featured.”

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