Twitter Continues to Hemhorrage Executives as Head of Asia Pacific Bolts

REUTERS/Dado Ruvic
REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Twitter has lost its sixteenth leader in the last twelve months in its ongoing slide from chaotic cultural relevance into clean and curated silence.

As Twitter continues its desperate efforts to render its platform wholly antiseptic — even going so far as to employ a powerful AI moderator — another member of its leadership has made for the proverbial lifeboats.

Twitter Head of Asia Pacific Aliza Knox is the latest in a line of Asia-based executives to flee the company. She was preceded by China Head Kathy Chen, India and Southeast Asia Head Parminder Singh, and the India-specific Rishi Jaitly, as well as Australia’s Karen Stocks. For anyone keeping track, that makes it a whopping 60% of executives gone in 2016 alone — even if you exclude VPs and above.

Knox worked almost five years for Twitter after her time at Google, expanding Twitter’s presence to nine offices and more than 100 employees in their Asia Pacific unit. She ended her time with a fond farewell from her coworkers and employees and finished by passing the torch to her replacement, Maya Hari.

In a statement released to TechCrunch, Twitter said:

We thank Aliza for her contributions and leadership over the past four years and a half years. She pioneered Twitter’s Asia Pacific business (outside of Japan), championed our expansion into new markets and businesses such as Indonesia and China export advertising, set up our Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore, and led our diversity initiatives across the region.

Unfortunately, new blood hasn’t been enough to recover from Twitter’s continual decline. Twitter stock managed a meager 16 cent earning per share in the fourth quarter, missing revenue forecasts once again. It’s less than 1% in revenue growth, disheartening to even the foremost members of the company.

Is there any way for Twitter to pull up, or has it already tweeted its last? Aliza Knox, as well as those before her, have made their opinion all too clear.

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