Report: Nearly 1 In 4 Young Women Have Stopped Shaving Their Armpits


23 percent of young women, or nearly 1 in 4, have stopped shaving their armpit hair, according to a report.

The percentage represents a large increase from 2013, when just 5 percent of young women admitted to not shaving under their arms.

15 percent of young women also confessed that they no longer shave their legs, compared to just 8 percent in 2013.

“Clean eating is behind some of those changes. They’re worried about causing irritation from their skin because of these products,” said Roshida Khanom, an associate director at Mintel. “We can also see that they’re doing other things instead – so 29 percent say they’re adding steps to their skincare routine.”

“There’s also some pushing back against societal expectations of what women should look like,” she continued, citing feminists, who often do not shave in protest.

The trend has hit the shaving and hair removal industry hard, according to The Telegraph, who wrote that “Industry figures show that sales of shaving and hair removal products fell by 5 percent between 2015 and 2016, from £598m to an estimated £567m.”

Despite this, male interest in image products has increased by a substantial amount, with 70 percent of young men opting to use conditioner, up from 44 percent in 2015.

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