Jonah Peretti on Launching HuffPo with Andrew Breitbart and What the Founder Would Think of Trump’s Trolling

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Huffington Post co-founder Jonah Peretti claimed this week that Andrew Breitbart “would absolutely love” the “continued trolling” from Breitbart News and the Trump administration were he still alive today.

During an interview with Business Insider, Peretti answered questions about Breitbart, who was also a co-founder of The Huffington Post.

“He was just bouncing off the walls at a million miles an hour, tons of ideas, lived on the internet kind of guy,” claimed Peretti during the interview. “It was challenging to work with him but also a lot of fun. He was at some level a real internet troll.”

“He told me a story about how he was writing a headline on the Drudge Report about Chris Rock, and how he loves Chris Rock and thinks he’s hilarious, but the headline was like ‘Shock and Outrage: How could he host the Oscars when he makes all these inappropriate jokes?'” Peretti recalled. “He knew that he could write it exactly in a way that would cause socially-liberal conservatives to think it was funny and actual more family-values conservatives to be outraged. He knew how to find the line that would cause all the different cultural cracks to explode and have people bang into each other. He loved it. He loved that kind of thing.”

Peretti noted that the “continued trolling of massive parts of the population” by Breitbart News and the Trump Administration “would be something that Andrew would love.”

“I think he would have a more complex and nuanced view on Trump himself, and on policies and things like that,” he explained. “It’s hard to say since he passed away several years ago now what his views on that would be, but the trolling part he would absolutely love.”

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