University of Maryland Police Investigate Discarded Plastic Wrap as a ‘Hate-Bias’ Incident

Plastic wrap reported as a hate-bias crime
Jaime Hurtado/Twitter

A discarded piece of plastic wrap is at the center of a University of Maryland police investigation, after a student suggested this week that it is part of a “hate-bias” incident.

Students are arguing that the piece of discarded plastic wrap, which was tied off in a small knot at one end, was meant to represent a noose. In April, an actual noose was found at the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house on the University of Maryland campus.

Information on the University of Maryland Police report on the incident is publicly accessible. The department announced on Tuesday that they “are looking into this matter and conducting a review of our cameras in the area.” The results of the department’s inconsequential “preliminary investigation” revealed that the material discarded on the ground is typically used “that this type of material is used to contain and protect loose items during transport.”

“Earlier today, we were notified of a knotted piece of plastic wrap laying on the ground in the 7500 block of Baltimore Ave. Police were notified out of concern for possible hate-bias,” the department’s statement reads.

“We encourage the university community to continue to reach out to us when concerned as we work together to create a safer campus,” the report adds.

The report claims that the department was notified by two individuals who were concerned that the discarded plastic wrap could possibly represent a “hate-bias” incident.

Users on Twitter were quick to take issue with those who were propping up the trash as evidence of bigotry on the University of Maryland’s campus.

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